Keith O’Connor


3rd Year
Majors: Systems and Information Engineering
Fun Fact: I was the inaugural winner of my high school’s annual Chipotle Burrito Challenge.

Hi my name is Keith O’Connor! A little bit about me, I am the third of five children and all of our names start with “K”. I like playing and watching sports. In fact, celebrating UVA’s athletic triumphs is something I take great pleasure in, and I have very high hopes for basketball this year. I enjoy jamming to country music, hiking, Cookout Milkshakes, and hanging out with friends. I also dream of learning how to play the fiddle but my lack of musical skills makes that rather difficult. My other big commitment besides CSM is being an RA to some pretty grand first years. I love being here at UVA and can’t wait to meet all of you!

As Chair, I hope to serve the students at the University of Virginia by providing opportunities for them to grow their relationships with each other and more importantly with Christ. I hope that through these relationships we may all come to “know, love, and serve the Lord.” I hope to help unite us into a prayerful Catholic community of faith and service so that we may look to see Christ in all those we encounter on and off Grounds.

Alex Joun

Vice Chair

4th Year
Major: Biochemistry, Religious Studies
Fun Facts: I was baptized Greek Orthodox, raised (in part) Maronite Catholic, catechized Latin rite, and practice Roman Catholic.

Ever since I was a child I have felt that God has been calling me to study medicine and pursue a career in which Christ’s healing love can work through me, bringing hope to the sick and their loved ones. After attending a Jesuit high school in Washington D.C. and being involved with the urban poor, I also have a sense that loving the impoverished will be central to my vocation. During my time at the University, I have volunteered at The Haven in downtown Charlottesville, served as Chair and committee member of Monthly Service for the American Medical Student Association, dance Salsa, and have had the pleasure of going on mission with CSM to A Simple House in Washington D.C. for the past two years.

I am a support for our Chair Keith O’Connor and service the other seven chairs so that they may fulfill Christ’s mission for them in the ministry. More importantly, I am a voice for the students of our ministry and work to uphold their hopes, concerns, and dignity.

David “DJ” Zorzi

Faith Formation Chair

3rd Year
Majors: Foreign Affairs, Middle Eastern Studies
Fun Fact: I can name 10 different types of Italian meats.

As a Foreign Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies double major, I’m very interested in the history of different societies and how they interact. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, learning languages, and playing classical piano. I also love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the TV show Chuck.

The Faith Formation committee is all about engaging people in the Catholic faith. Through setting up and planning events such as Ignite and Mere Catholicism, this committee works to demonstrate the universality of the Catholic Church and how Christ’s light shines on all aspects of our lives—spiritual, academic, private, and public. In a world where the Catholic Church is highly misunderstood, we seek to educate people about the Church, its teachings, and how they apply to our daily lives. Faith Formation committee is for everyone with ideas and questions about the faith who is willing to lend a helping hand.

Maria Wnorowski

Justice and Peace Chair

4th Year
Major: Biology with a minor in Religious Studies
Fun fact: Up until this year, I had been to more VT basketball games than UVA – gladly, can’t say that’s true anymore!

Hello! I am from Blacksburg, VA (technically Christiansburg, but no one knows where that is normally). I’m some sort of pre-med – whether that’s veterinary or human medicine depends on the day. When I’m not hiding in Clark Library, I can normally be found running, working at Pigeon Hole or Montanova Stables, or binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. I love mountains, food, the musical Hamilton, and dogs. Any of which are the quickest way to my heart.

The goal of the Justice and Peace Committee to is live out our Catholic faith in our daily actions. With all we do, we seek we to embody the person of Christ. One great physical example of this in today’s society is Pope Francis. With all that he does, we receive countless examples as to how to treat the individual person as Christ. We look for examples both in the local as well as global community to reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ and be the hands of God. Whether you know for sure this is for you or you have just some small inclination that God may be leading you to serve, we would love to have you join our committee!

Kevin Lee

Social Chair

3rd Year
Major: Mathematics, Physics
Fun Fact: I have constructed a trebuchet to launch pumpkins across a field.

Hey all! My name is Kevin Lee and I super excited to be able to serve you this year! As you can see above, I am a double major in math and physics, so I guess some would say I am a bit of a nerd (although I prefer the word geek). However, when I am not making calculations in n-dimensional spaces or pondering the effects of moving at the speed of light, I enjoy chilling with my friends and the great CSM community. You can often find me in the CSM room, and if you are lucky, I can show you how to dance to electro-swing music.

The CSM Social Committee exists to create a loving and welcoming environment for the entire UVA community that strengthens old friendships and builds new ones by fostering Christ-centered fellowship and fun. There is nothing better than to be able to walk into a room or an event and have a sense of belonging. Jesus teaches us that we should love everyone and neglect no one. My committee strives to make everyone who interacts with CSM feel welcome and wanted. We do this by planning various social events from Tuesday Supper to a late night Swing Dance. Please feel free to contact me if you want to join us in creating this fun filled, loving environment.

Ann Clare Levy

Worship Chair

3rd Year
Majors: Systems and Information Engineering with a minor in Business
Fun Fact: I’ve been beekeeping for 11 years (and yes, I do wear the funny bee hat).

Hey guys! I’m Ann Clare, and I couldn’t be more excited to be serving as your worship chair this year! A little about me. I derive from a long lineage of Hokies, but thankfully I saw the light and decided to become a Wahoo. I come from the beautiful Star City of the South, Roanoke, VA, which you might have heard about in a little old country song, “Wagon Wheel.” Here at UVA, I’m studying to be a systems engineer, but on the side, I’m training to be a Disney Princess. In between those two jobs, you can find me relaxing watching The Office or Sherlock on Netflix, having impromptu dance parties in the CSM room, or jamming out to the HAMILTON soundtrack with my home-girl Natalia (see below)!

The Worship committee is the place to be! One of our main roles is coordinating all of the student masses, which is such an amazing privilege. We literally are the people bringing the full presence of Jesus onto Grounds. We also provide Eucharistic ministers and lectors for the Sunday night chapel mass and Thursday night fireside mass, and provide access to training for these roles for any interested students. PLUS, once a semester, we put on a bonfireside mass in the middle of the woods! This is such a beautiful and fun ministry in the CSM community, and I’d love for all of you guys to be a part of it!

Natalia Kot

Communications Chair

Fourth Year
Major: Psychology, Biology
Fun Fact: My last name is the Polish word for “cat.” I am allergic to cats. But I do speak Polish. Go figure.

I was a member of the CSM Communications Committee last year, so I’m very excited to lead it this year! I lead a second-year girls’ small group in CSM. I also work with the University Office of Admissions as a Days on the Lawn Team Leader and the Department of Biology as an introductory biology lab peer teacher. My hobbies include watching too much television (if you ever need someone to rave to about Parks & Rec, New Girl, and the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I’m your girl), listening to Broadway soundtracks (HAMILTON THOUGH), and taking pointless Buzzfeed quizzes.

The ultimate goal of the Communications Committee is to proclaim His Kingdom on Grounds and to enable students with the information necessary to do this. I’m hoping to encourage students to get more involved with their faith. By advertising for CSM events, I’m hoping to get students excited about Catholicism and about their relationships with Christ.


Frank Morley

Retreats Chair

3rd Year
Majors: Kinesiology
Fun Fact: I am the only male in my family that has not been bitten by a duck.
Funner Fact: When freshly cut, Frank’s hair is soft enough to clean babies.

I’m originally from the great state of Massachusetts, but I have to say that I like the winter weather down here better. When I’m not doing CSM things you can find me working as a manager in Newcomb (Please come visit), or working as a physical therapy intern with individuals with mental disabilities. I also enjoy all things outdoors from hiking Old Rag and kayaking 73 miles down the Connecticut River to sports like ultimate and KanJam.

The goal for retreats committee is to create an environment in which we can re-center ourselves to Christ, our true North. Create an experience in which we can grow and help others grow closer to Christ. Other than that, it would be great to see some great friendships forged in all the fun we’ll be having! I am always open to hearing new ideas and definitely need a great team to help me organize some retreats this year! Godspeed.

Joey Paris

Outreach Chair

3rd Year
Majors: Math, Economics
Fun Fact: I don’t put milk in my cereal. Personally, I think this is totally normal, but several people have told me it’s not so I guess I need to find some ways to “bowl”ster my breakfast decisions.

Hi guys! My name is Joey Paris. I am currently a third year at the University, and I am so excited to serve as your Outreach Chair this year. I have two younger brothers (Joey, Jack, and Jimmy — yes all J’s to combat the O’Connor family “K” tradition), and we each have a different color of hair. I’m originally from Atlanta, so I’m a Southern boy through and through — unsurprisingly, BBQ, country music, and saying “y’all” are some of my favorite things. Additionally, I’m a huge sports nut. I’m down to play any sport whenever and wherever, and you can be sure to see me at a ton of Hoos games (especially the basketball ones). I enjoy singing in random places, making puns, and watching Survivor, and I generally look for as many opportunities as possible to just hang out and be goofy with people. In addition to CSM, I am also involved in the Third Year Council and University Guide Service and am a member of the CHoosE a cappella group and Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

As your Outreach Chair, my goal is to ensure that CSM will serve as a welcoming and hospitable home for students at the University and to encourage members of our community to share God’s love across Grounds. I want to help members of CSM to forge more meaningful friendships with one another and with all UVA students, and in particular, I would like to strengthen the relationships between CSM and other Christian fellowships on Grounds to help foster these Christ-centered friendships and connections. I hope that the Lord will guide me in my role as Outreach Chair and that I can serve “y’all” to the best of my ability.

If you ever have questions or ideas for CSM, or just want to grab lunch, please reach out to me! I am looking forward to meeting everybody and cannot wait for another great year in Charlottesville.

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