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CSM Committees are a great way to get involved with all that goes on behind-the-scenes in our ministry. Each one has different responsibilities, as well as different meeting times and commitments. Email the committee chair for more information about how to get involved.

Communications Committee
The ultimate goal of the Communications Committee is to proclaim His Kingdom on Grounds and to enable students with the information necessary to do this. I’m hoping to encourage students to get more involved with their faith. By advertising for CSM events, I’m hoping to get students excited about Catholicism and about their relationships with Christ.
Meet Natalia, the Communications Chair, or just email her.

Retreats Committee
The goal of the Retreats Committee is to provide an opportunity through retreats for people to refocus and encounter Christ in a new way, not to mention making awesome friends. This committee is a great place for anyone; whether you’re a big picture thinker or a details person, there is plenty of both. So if you would like to help out, they would be delighted to have you on the team!
Meet Frank, the Retreats Chair, or just email him.

Faith Formation Committee
The Faith Formation committee is all about engaging people in the Catholic faith. Through setting up and planning events such as Ignite and Mere Catholicism, this committee works to demonstrate the universality of the Catholic Church and how Christ’s light shines on all aspects of our lives—spiritual, academic, private, and public. In a world where the Catholic Church is highly misunderstood, we seek to educate people about the Church, its teachings, and how they apply to our daily lives. Faith Formation committee is for everyone with ideas and questions about the faith who is willing to lend a helping hand.
Meet DJ, the Faith Formation Chair, or just email him.

Social Committee
Social Committee is about creating an environment of love, friendship, and fun. There is nothing better than to be able to walk into a room or an event and have a sense of belonging. Jesus teaches us that we should love everyone and neglect no one. My committee strives to make everyone who interacts with CSM feel welcome and wanted. We do this by planning various social events from Tuesday Supper to a late night Swing Dance where the goal is to strengthen old friendships and form new ones. Please feel free to contact me if you want to join us in creating this fun filled, loving environment.
Meet Kevin, the Social Chair, or just email him.

Outreach Committee
The Outreach committee meets once a week to coordinate hospitality for the 9PM Chapel Mass and plan events with other religious ministries on Grounds. The mission of the Outreach Committee is to nurture relationships with students and other ministries with the ultimate goal of inviting them into a closer relationship with Christ and His Church, and to empower the Catholic community at UVA to do the same.
Meet Joey, the Outreach Chair or just email him.

Justice and Peace Committee
The goal of the Justice and Peace Committee to is live out our Catholic faith in our daily actions. With all we do, we seek we to embody the person of Christ. One great physical example of this in today’s society is Pope Francis. With all that he does, we receive countless examples as to how to treat the individual person as Christ. We look for examples both in the local as well as global community to reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ and be the hands of God. Whether you know for sure this is for you or you have just some small inclination that God may be leading you to serve, we would love to have you join our committee!
Meet Maria, the Justice and Peace Chair, or just email her.

Worship Committee
The Worship committee is the place to be! One of our main roles is coordinating all of the student masses, which is such an amazing privilege. We literally are the people bringing the full presence of Jesus onto Grounds. We also provide Eucharistic ministers and lectors for the Sunday night chapel mass and Thursday night fireside mass, and provide access to training for these roles for any interested students. PLUS, once a semester, we put on a bonfireside mass in the middle of the woods! This is such a beautiful and fun ministry in the CSM community, and I’d love for all of you guys to be a part of it!
Meet Ann Clare, the Worship Chair, or just email her.

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